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Utune Customer

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The issue

Many of us are found stranded on the side of the road for reasons we can't address. Flats, car smoking, dead battery or just some tuning issues. This will no longer be an issue as Utune can tune your car at your convenience.

The Solution

Utune, a platform that car owners can depend on when in need of a mechanic. Whether you're at work, home or on the side of the road, you can depend on Utune verified mechanics to come save the day and get you going. 

Our Vision

We strive to bring convenience to everyday working people that can't take the time out of their day to have their cars tuned. Instead, we bring the mechanic to you at your convenience for the tuning job you need. 

Who are we
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For Customer

 Mobile On Demand Service 

We Come To You for  Oil Change

We only use full synthetic oil

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For Mechanic

Become Your Own Boss

Make More Money

Conduct Car Tune Up Services

Sign up to  become mobile oil change Technician now


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Value & Benefits

How it works

As Customer

Select Your Service

Select the service you need. Submit your details. Within minutes, our verified mechanics will respond to your call. You'll know what you're spending before you submit the service. View the mechanic responding and feel confident in approving them before they start the service. 

Fast Job

Get a fast response from the service provider. They'll soon be able to navigate to your location and offer the service you've selected. Review and rate the mechanic after they've serviced your vehicle. Let us know how we did to provide a quality service.


How it works

As Mechanic
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Get Verfied

We put all our mechanics through a background check and verify that you are licensed and insured before we put you on the road. Easily sign up and upload your certifications and licenses. Once verified, you'll be able to respond to calls on the road. 

Get Paid

We pay all our mechanics every two weeks. You'll accumulate your pay and track in real time how much you make as you do jobs throughout the weeks. The more jobs you do the more you get paid. Let's start tuning! 

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How it works
Request demo
Fresh motor oil
Contact Our Team

To contact our team for any partnership, questions or support, please fill out the form below.

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